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Patient Reviews


"I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Rosen, especially for toenail fungus laser treatments. The overall appearance of my nails is improving following two laser treatments—with one more to go--and it’s nice wearing sandals. My big toenail looks almost normal again! I wish that I’d seen Dr. Rosen years ago. If you’re suffering from toenail fungus, I urge you seek treatment. The fungus is quite stubborn, and spreads easily to other toes. What’s impressive about Dr. Rosen is that he seems like a genuinely caring person who enjoys treating patients."

- 5 Stars from Verified Patient

"Dr. Rosen is a wonderful physician. He is attentive to all of your needs, cares about solving the problem at hand, and exhibits a won't quit attitude. I would highly recommend him for all of your podiatry needs."

- 5 Stars from Jamie S.

"Five Stars, all the way. This was my first visit and my introduction to Doctor Rosen. He was like TV's Marcus Welby from the 1950"s, very gentle and understanding. He made me feel that I had known him all my life. My appointment was three days ago and already my foot feels much, much better."

- 5 Stars from Leland B.

"Dr. Rosen and his office staff are the utmost professional and caring medical practitioners I have ever been a patient of. They have responded immediately to all my questions and concerns pre and post surgery."

- 5 Stars from May L.

"Dr. Rosen did surgery to correct my hammertoe in April 2017. He explained everything about my surgery perfectly and was very good at communicating options. It was easy to ask questions and I am very pleased with my choice of doctor. Appmts were easy to schedule and they worked around my travel dates to NY."

- 5 Stars from Tina B.

"Excellent. He prescribed orthotics for my foot problem. They have provided relief from pain in my feet when walking. He has a gentle and caring manner. I felt comfortable with him immediately. I've been to Podiatrists previously, but have not been as satisfied as my experience with Dr. Rosen. I would definitely recommend him!"

- 5 Stars from Sallie A.

"I am very enthused, as Dr. Rosen proscribed Physical Therapy and an orthotic device to help me. I had one session and I am sure it will improve my walking. The last 2 Podiatrists I visited and the specialist I saw made neither recommendation."

- 5 Stars from Alan S.

Dr. Rosen and his staff are God sent... They worked with my last minute scheduling for an appointment and boy oh boy am I grateful for that... Dr. Rosen in a very professional manor made me feel like I knew him for years tho it was our very first time meeting. He treated my problem right then and there with precision and care... My feet thank him with TEN TOES UP!!

- 5 Stars from Eddie L.

"The most reliable podiatrist I ever experienced. He diagnosed immediately my problem treated my feet and within a few weeks I am totally healed. I am so grateful to Dr. A. Rosen."

- 5 Stars from Paulette H.

"I found Dr. Rosen, after realizing that the care received from my former podiatrist of 19 years was not as good as it used to be. I like to be referred but in this case I had to take the chance that Dr. Rosen would be professional and knowledge, He was!!!! His office is small but it appears he has a great relationship with his staff. I arrived, filled out forms, paid my copay and was in the exam room in about 10 mins..Dr. Rosen spent a good amount of time with me and most importantly the had a treatment plan for my issue, this was very important to me.. ....I was more than pleased!!!"

- 5 Stars from Margaret W.

"I met Dr. Rosen in 2011. He operated on my feet and removed two bunions. After suffering with pain for so many years, I was finally pain-free. He is compassionate, caring and kind. He answered all of my questions and put me at ease during and after my surgeries. I highly recommend him. He is the only podiatrist that I will schedule my appointments with. He is a 5 star doctor!"

- 5 Stars from Gloria M.


"Dr. Rosen is as good as they get. Excellent care, excellent advice, and excellent treatment. I have been extremely happy with the results every time I see him." 

- 5 Stars from James D.

"Efficient, excellent work. Dr. Rosen is very dedicated and attentive to his patients. He possesses good bedside manner and makes the patient feel at ease. I had bunion surgery and his surgical precision is awesome. Everyone that has seen my foot, comments on the neatness and beauty of my incision. Very pleased with his service."

- 5 Stars from Elizabeth H.

"A warm and caring physician, Dr. Rosen explains things well, lays out options, costs and benefits and is not overly eager to prescribe aggressive and expensive treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rosen to family and friends."

- 5 Stars from Douglas R.

"I apologize for being remiss in not saying that Dr. Rosen's office assistants are polite, helpful and accommodating. He has a great staff!"

- 5 Stars from Pamela K.

"Very competent physician, easy to talk to, available to talk with patients in multiple media, prompt, professional. Always willing, and able, to give a complete explanation regarding the nature of your problem. I would continue to see him for any foot problems and will refer others without any hesitation."

- 5 Stars from Leonor M.

"Dr. Rosen was thorough, kind and is successfully treating my foot problem. He also saw me as an emergency patient very quickly. His office was extremely efficient."

- 5 Stars from Janet W.

"Alan Rosen is firstly a terrific Podiatrist. AND a great guy. Very clean office and efficient staff. I highly recommend him."

- 5 Stars from James C.

"Dr. Rosen is amazing. He took 20 years off my feet."

- 5 Stars from Randy C.

"The appointment was on time. Dr. Rosen explained to me in very simple terms what I got. He also was quick and subtle during my procedure so I was almost painless. Overall great experience, highly recommended."

- 5 Stars from Santiago V.